Submitting a claim

For a quick claim process it is very important to notify SeguroRoyal as fast as you can by e-mail, fax or phone.

When involved in a car accident, make sure, or wait -and don´t move your vehicle- till the Police arrives at the scene of the accident. They will make a report that will be needed by the insurer. It is also important to fill in and sign an international Accident/Incident Report Form together with the other party involved in the accident.

This form should be at our office as soon as possible, using any way convenient for you, e-mail, fax or phone.

When confronted with burglary the first thing you should do is notify the local police. they will visit the location, take notes of the damage and take stock of what is missing. Then immediately contact SeguroRoyal, we make sure your insurer will be notified and an expert will be send to the location. Of course this is part of our free services.




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